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Naked Almond Butter
  • Naked Almond Butter

    The simple but all powerful almond butter. We have sourced the finest almonds and milled them into the perfect nut butter. Nature's perfect protein for your daily shakes, and for your peanut-allergic family and friends.
    • Ingredients:

      Roasted Almonds.


      Allergen; Contains Tree Nuts. 

    • Nutrition Facts:

      Serving Size :  2 tbsp

      Calories per serving  :  170

      Total Fat  15g  :  19%

      Saturated Fat  1g  :  5%

      Trans Fat   0g

      Cholestrol   0g  :  0%

      Sodium  0g  :  0%

      Total Carbohydrate  5g  :  2%

      Dietary Fiber   3g   :  11%

      Total Sugars   1g   no added sugars     

      Protein   7g   :  14%

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