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"Living on peanuts...literally!"

Who would've thought that milling peanut butter to help put shoes on my kids' feet would turn into a crazy entrepreneurial adventure?

The nutty dream began in 2007. I began selling homemade natural peanut butter to bodybuilders in the Philadelphia area gyms where I worked as a way for this single mom of three teens to make some extra income. The fitness culture was the perfect setting. Members would purchase the delicious protein-packed roasted nut butters by the pound! I never dreamed it would go any further than a few loyal customers and the simple black & white "Nut Butters for Sale" signs I had taped to the counter.

When gym member Kerri Konik, Branding Genius and CEO of Brandscape Atelier, LLC, saw my somewhat pathetic signage but also the huge potential, she asked if she could help me go to the next level.      

 And from that moment, the business went totally...nuts!

Nutty Love became Naughty Nutty Love when, after introducing flavored peanut butters to the product line, a customer sampled my chocolate peanut butter. Her reaction was "Oh, this is so good; it's naughty."

Brilliance captured in a moment of nutty blissfulness.

In 2011, Naughty Nutty Love's sharp branding and high quality products became a staple at farmer's markets all over the Philly region. The product line expanded from peanut butter to almond and cashew butters, and a series of unique peanut product items lovingly called "Love Bites"! These included handmade brittles, the wickedly popular Buckeye Bars, and PB&Os. There's nothing more fun for this Italian cook than to come up with exciting new tastes and recipes!

In May 2013, I thought I'd give Shark Tank a try! Although I didn't get past the guppy interviews, the experience was worth it. I knew I was onto something special!  Still mindful of the health and fitness world, I make sure that the protein and good fat content of natural roasted nut butters is the primary focus of everything I create.

In 2014, Naughty Nutty Love made the nutty trek down to South Florida to win over more fans and to dive into the world of grocery store retail. I learned a lot, and we were grateful for all those wonderful stores who took a chance on us.

And now, here we are in 2020 in beautiful. serene Colorado Springs! It seems to be the perfect environment for our natural, hand-crafted nut butters and Love Bite line of protein bars and granolas. Here we grow!

From our naughty nutty love fans...

"Naughty Nutty Love is the best! Very pure - from good ol' peanut butter to the quinoa granola! Special treat - the Cinnamon Almond Butter!"  Jennifer S., Pilates Instructor 

"I just won't go a day without my Naughty Nutty Love peanut butter! Perfect addition to my protein shakes, or a spoonful right out of the jar. It's so hard to stop at one serving. You can tell they are made with good nutrition in mind and ship so fast I never have to worry about running out. Good job, Denise - keep grinding!"  Susan Smith CPT, FTS

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