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Classic Peanut Butter

Classic Peanut Butter

Remember those elementary school days when mom would make you that classic peanut butter sandwich (that you probably traded with your classmate for Bugles)? This is the taste you won't want to trade. Fresh roasted peanut butter with just a pinch of sea salt to remind you of just how good peanut butter is!

  • Ingredients:

    Roasted Peanuts, Sea Salt.


    Allergen: Contains Peanuts.

  • Nutrition Facts:

    Serving Size :  2 tbsp

    Calories per serving  :  200

    Total Fat  16g  :  21%

    Saturated Fat  2g  : 10%

    Trans Fat   0g

    Cholestrol   0g  :  0%

    Sodium  10mg  :  2%

    Total Carbohydrate  5g  :  2%

    Dietary Fiber   2g   :  7%

    Total Sugars   1g   no added sugars     

    Protein   8g   :  16%

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