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Cinnamon Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Peanut Butter

    Who doesn't love that distinctive cinnamon flavor? This is the perfect spread for that little extra something! Try it in your oatmeal, in your morning shake, make your co-workers jealous when they smell that bagel you're munching down on.
    • Ingredients:

      Roasted Peanuts, Cinnamon Chips (sugar, cocoa, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, vanilla, palm kernel oil or soy bean oil, natural flavoring, salt).


      Allergen; Contains Peanuts.

    • Nutrition Facts:

      Serving Size :  2 tbsp

      Calories per serving  :  220

      Total Fat  17g  :  22%

      Saturated Fat  3g  : 15%

      Trans Fat   0g

      Cholestrol   0g  :  0%

      Sodium  15mg  :  3%

      Total Carbohydrate  7g  :  3%

      Dietary Fiber   2g   :  7%

      Total Sugars   3g   no added sugars     

      Protein   8g   :  16%

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