Blue Monday

BLUE MONDAY?! When is Blue Monday and does it really exist? YES, it occurs in the month of January and is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Monday, January 16th is this year's "Winner"; shocking - it's cold, it's dark, and we are recovering from our non-stop celebrating during the MONTH of December. Feeling the withdrawals of too much food, sugar, alcohol, family, friends, laid-back work schedules and dusty, cobwebby bank accounts. And, if that doesn't sound depressing enough, those New Year's Resolutions we make on January 1st are usually shattered by January 16th, as well.

Now you won't find any solid concrete science behind Blue Monday; however, it is acknowledged every year and I'm sure there's only a matter of time before a certain greeting card company (that shall remain nameless) jumps on the bandwagon of "celebrating" our misery en masse lol.

The GOOD NEWS is...Monday, January 16th 2017 is also a Federal Holiday! So, get your life coach, your therapist, or your BFF on speed dial, fluff up your comforter (that probably still has Christmas glitter on it), get a dozen movies set up in your Netflix Que, and of course, have on-hand your favorite NNL nut butter or Love Bites snack,and hunker down...because Tuesday, January 17th is right around the corner.

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