"There's no way I could ever do that!"

Have you ever said those 8 words..."There's no way I could ever do that!". If you're answer is yes, you may want to remember that old saying, "never say never". The first time I took my, now husband Blake, to a family event I introduced him to my little brother Michael. During the course of our initial conversation the subject of food came up (of course it did, I'm Italian). Blake proceeded to share that he is a vegan. My brother looked at Blake with such a deep expression of pain on his face and said, "WHY???!!!!". Then Michael looked at me as if to say, "Do you know what your doing here?".

Well, first let me say that an Italian and a Vegan can absolutely live together in sweet harmony. We've been married 2.5 years now and we have an amazingly blessed and wonderful life together. When people would meet us and find out Blake is a vegan they naturally would ask if I was also and Blake's response would be, "No she's Italian, a vegan Italian is an oxymoron" - LOL.

I say ALL of that to share with you my latest venture. I decided back in September to take meat out of my diet. My reasons were very simple at the time. My first reason was because I had simply not done grocery shopping because we had been traveling. I always make sure I have plenty of tofu and other plant-based food in the house for Blake so I figured since I like tofu too, I would just eat that until I could do the grocery shopping. Around that same time I was coming to the end of a life battle with high cholestrol and my doctor really wanted me to start on meds (for that which I really didn't want to do) - that was my second reason. I figured I would do it for 1 week, well 1 week turned into 2 weeks which turned into 1 month and I have to say...... This Italian girl, who was very meat-based, was noticing how good it felt. I was sure I would start craving meat at any moment but it has never happened yet. I can say that I definitely have more energy and my system runs....well lets say Much Much easier.

Am I an official vegan, no - because I still eat some dairy and I have had meat on a few occasions since then. However, I can say with confidence that I prefer a plant based diet as my main stay. Now I need to see how it has effected my cholesterol, stay tuned...

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